Break The Mold BM-021 C05


Made in Korea. Break the Mold is the perfect eyewear for those who are ready to rise and excel. The  design gives the wearer and fresh new look to own the day at the same time feeling as if they are wearing nothing as the light material reduces pressure on the wearer.

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RM380.00 each

Product Options

Please select lens type for this spectacle. For frame only spectacle without prescription, please select "No prescription". The "1.61MC" and "1.67MC" (thinner lens) are prescription lenses.
No prescription
No prescription
1.61 MC (+RM100)
1.61 MC (+RM100)
1.67 MC (+RM200)
1.67 MC (+RM200)
Right SPH
Right CYL
Right AX & PD
Right AX : 1 to 180 
Right PD : 25 to 38 
Left SPH

Long sightedness "+" and short sightedness "-"
Left CYL
Left AX & PD
Left AX : 1 to 180 
Left PD : 25 to 38 
Addon (Select up to 1 option)
Blue control (+RM40)
Optional: Prescription Upload

Data sheet

BrandBreak The Mold
Color CodeC05
Frame Size53-19
Temple Length141