CEO.V CV353 SV T9-01


A frame that is set apart above the rest. The CEO.V is not only adore for its practical design elements, but each and everyone of its frame comes with a fully retractable temple loops that can be worn around the neck without the need for a chain. They can also be wrap around the head of the wearer like a goggles allowing the wearer to face any obstacles thrown at them

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Please select lens type for this spectacle. For frame only spectacle without prescription, please select "No prescription". The "1.61MC" and "1.67MC" (thinner lens) are prescription lenses.
No prescription
No prescription
1.61 MC (+RM100)
1.61 MC (+RM100)
1.67 MC (+RM200)
1.67 MC (+RM200)
Right SPH
Right CYL
Right AX & PD
Right AX : 1 to 180 
Right PD : 25 to 38 
Left SPH

Long sightedness "+" and short sightedness "-"
Left CYL
Left AX & PD
Left AX : 1 to 180 
Left PD : 25 to 38 
Addon (Select up to 1 option)
Blue control (+RM40)
Optional: Prescription Upload

Data sheet

Color CodeSV T9-01
Frame Size49-23
Temple Length133

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Each of the frames has a pair of fully retractable temple loops. By pulling on them, a person is able to extend and create a makeshift cord – of which can be hung around your neck.

These adjustable loops help secure the glasses to your face during vigorous activities, too. Magnets found at the end of them ensure a firm and comfortable grip around the back of your head.

Material-wise, the loops are made from anti-allergic silicone. These have a rubberised texture that will help ensure your glasses don’t slip off in any instance during everyday use.