iContact iEnhancer Colour Contact Lenses

iContact iEnhancer Colour Contact Lenses offer a standard range series of 5 mystic colours: Brown, Green, Violet, Blue, Grey.

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iContact iEnhancer Colour Contact Lenses offer a standard range of series of 5 mystic colours together with an innovative Starbust limbal design that blends naturally with the eyes and creates a stunning bigger iris and a charming new expressive look.


The lens is manufactured with the world's most popular lens material - Etafilcon A and is designed for frequent replacement regime for monthly wear modality.


Wearer benefits include optimum movement, ease in handling, enhanced comfort, extended wearing time and positive benefits in ocular health.


About iContact Contact Lenses


iContact contact lens is made with biocompatible material, that works with eye tears to help retain more moisture. The comfort of iContact lenses is further enhanced with the innovative Truform edge and a unique tangential back surface.


About iContact iEnhancer iDefinition iBig Contact Lenses


iContact coloured contacts come in one, two and three tone lenses in five different ranges. Express yourself by changing your eyeys colour to match your mood. Simply shop online for fast and reliable service at a competitive price at Eye To Eye Malaysia Online Contact Lens Shop. iMascara and iMystiria will be available soon.


iContact is CE and FDA approved for all EU countries and our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 and GMP certified. iContact is currently being marketed in various part of Europe, Middle East, Australia, NZ and Asia.

  • Base Curve 8.6mm
  • Diameter 14mm
  • Material Etafilcon A
  • Packaging 2 lenses
  • Water Content 55%
  • Wear Schedule Monthly