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Complete Revitalens 2 x 300ml + 100ml



Complete RevitaLens solution, from Abbot medical Optics, makes keeping your lenses clean and clear simple. 

ReviataLens promises high quality disinfection and cleaning using a dual-disinfection system pioneered by Abbott. This cleans away over 99% of known microbes and 90% of lipid or protein substances which can accumulate on the eyes.

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With Complete RevitaLens® MPDS, you can have confidence that your patients have effective protection against harmful germs and bacteria compared to competing brands.

  • Delivers broad-spectrum disinfection
  • Shows superior antimicrobial efficacy against emerging pathogens

Complete RevitaLens® MPDS helps prevent lens case contamination for compliant and non-compliant patients.

Suitable for use with Silicone Hydrogel lenses, as well as other types of soft contact lens, Complete RevitaLens will actually assist your lenses in storing moisture. This means every time you put your lenses on, they will feel as fresh and as comfortable as they did the first time you took them out of the packet.