Color Blind

What is color blindness? It is a visual condition when someone is unable to distinguish certain colors mostly between red and green. There are rarely people that have visual condition that are completely color blind, many people are having color deficiency in which they have difficulties in differentiating some colors. They can see colors but not all colors. Estimated 99% of people with color deficiency are suffering from red - green colorblindness. Color blindness or color deficiency are usually due to genetic condition, and most often happen to men than to women, ratio is about 16:1 between men and women. 


The effect of color deficiency can be mild, moderate and severe, if one inherits color deficiency, the condition will remain throughout entire life, it will not get better or worst. To put above statistical numbers into perspective, there are in estimation close to 318 millions people are color blind from around the world. Eye To Eye Optometry has brought in a series of professional color blindness test procedures to help patients precisely identify types of color deficiency they are suffering from, and prescribe color blindness lenses for color vision correction in their daily life.



Eye To Eye Optometry has qualified practitioner and facilities to provide one stop solution on color deficiency consultation service and prescription of color corrective lenses to customers. It is as easy as 1-2-3, kindly follow and click on the 3 simple steps below to understand the worry free & exciting journey to color visions. As always please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Please make an appointment prior into color blind test at Eye To Eye Optometry. Customers are welcomed to book an appointment online by clicking the "Make Appointment" button in this page. Customers are required to select the available date and time slots for consultation at the appointment page. Consultation fee is payable via Paypal and a confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm the schedule. If there is problem making an appointment online, please feel free to call us at 04-8288234 for assistance.

The color blind test and consultation will take place at Eye To Eye Optometry office at Penang Malaysia. Our qualified practitioner will perform and prescribe a series of color blind examination procedures, as well as provide consultation & advices about types of color vision corrective lenses to customers, including the pricing and timelines.

Depending to individual cases, most of color corrective lenses are custom made and shipped from United States to fit individual prescription and thus it may take weeks for the lenses to be delivered. Once the custom made lenses arrived, customers are welcomed to have it fitted at Eye To Eye Optometry outlet or we can ship it to the requested address worldwide.

Farnswoth D 15

Quantitative & Arrangement Diagnosis

Tests will be performed to arrange the discs within the tray to create a continual of gradual changing hue colors, it is helpful to diagnose dichromacys and in particular the tritan defects.


Color Perception Assessment

The color perception assessment will be conducted to distinguish numbers or pathways printed on different background color spots.

Trial Frame For Color Blind

Color Blindness Corrective Procedure

Combination of a series of unique custom made filters that are designed at the exact wavelengths of light for different individual color vision correction.

"I have to say I am very satisfied with the eye care service from Eye To Eye Optometry. The practioner was very helpful and polite. They even shipped the glasses to my country. Thank you."
Color Blind
"I was shocked to see so many different colors when I was fitted with the corrective lenses. I have never seen these colors in my life, and I can't thank them enough for helping me out with this!"
Color Blind