SEED Heroine Make 1 Day UV


"Heroine Makeup One Day UV" is a circle lens with ultra-thin UV cut jointly developed by contact lens manufacturer seed and make-up brand heroine makeup to make such dreams of girls fulfilling "to become a big eyes shining more than anyone" . 
Heroine Make The color and design of the original highlights the outline of the eyes.

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Heroine Make
Heroine Make

Data sheet

Base Curve8.7mm
Centre Thinkness (@-3.00DS)0.05mm
Oxygen Permeability (Dk/t)24
Lens TypeDaily Disposable Contact Lenses
Package10 Lenses Per Box
Material Content And Percentage2-HEMA, EGDMA
Water Content And Percentage38%
Replacement ScheduleDaily

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  • Daily lens

Since it is a new lens everyday, it can reduce troubles caused by accumulation of dirt. There is no trouble caused by lens care.

  • Ultra thin lens design

The center thickness is 0.05 mm ultra-thin. The surrounding parts of the lenses are smooth, finished with seed's own "smooth edge design", so it is natural wearing comfort.

  • UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays (UV), which cause skin pigmentation such as spots, are said to be one of the causes of eye diseases such as cataracts. "Seed Eye coffret 1 day UV" contains ultraviolet absorber, so cut ultraviolet light which is said to be harmful to eyes.

  • Inner color structure ~ The pigment does not touch eyes

It is a structure that does not let the pigment of the colored part touch directly on the pupil, and confines the pigment inside the lens. We adopted a design that takes into account the effects on the cornea.

  • Nonionic lens ~ It is difficult to get dirty and difficult to dry ~

It is difficult to stain protein and uses materials that are difficult to dry.