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Acuvue (from "Accurate view") is a brand of disposable contact lenses made by Jacksonville-based Vistakon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

Acuvue lenses got their start at Frontier Contact Lens Company, a small company that started in the 1950s and opened a branch in Jacksonville. Headed by Seymour Marco, an optometrist, the company started to grow and, after a few years, Marco bought out the New York owners so he could significantly grow the business.

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  • RM159.00 In stock

    1 Day Acuvue Define enhances the beauty of your eyes naturally, making your eyes look brighter and bigger in a natural way.

  • RM129.00 In Stock

    A daily disposable contact lens that keeps moisture in and irritation out. Available with correction for near and farsighted prescriptions.You can upgrade to Dailies Total 1 or Acuvue TruEye for greater comfort all day long.

  • RM169.00 In Stock

    Get clear, stable vision with the comfort and convenience of a daily disposable lens. Contacts for Astigmatism—when objects are blurry and shadowed at all distances, often accompanied by near or farsightedness.You can also wear Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism as a compatible bi-weekly alternative to these lenses.

  • RM229.00 In Stock

    Experience clear vision, so you can continue your lifestyle without anything holding you back. Built on the 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST platform, you’ll get the same comfort and convenience you’re used to, for many years to come.

  • RM159.00 In Stock

    1 Day Acuvue Trueye contact lenses are made with HYDRACLEAR® technology that works with your eyes natural tears for ultra smooth comfort.

  • RM119.00 In stock

    ACUVUE® OASYS™ are the next generation in silicone hydrogel technology designed for superior comfort, even in dry, demanding environments such as computer work, air-conditioned offices, aeroplane travel and daily commuting.

  • RM169.00 In Stock

    Exceptional comfort meets visual stability. For Astigmatism—when objects are blurry and shadowed at all distances, often accompanied by near or farsightedness.You can also wear Biofinity Toric as a compatible alternative to theses lenses.

  • RM699.00 In stock

    The AB70002 frame made out of light titanium and contains a plastic edge as an extra touch up of color to the frame. 7 stars are printed on to the frame evenly as a sign of detail and precision of every frame. This classic design makes the Agnes B frame suitable for every occasion and any outfit.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items